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Ramallah Night Life

Ramallah offers many different ways to go out and enjoy the evening. The city holds a tradition of delicious cuisine and strong café culture, which has continued up until today. Places of all styles and all price ranges are available around the city. Cultural events are also very much part of the nightlife in Ramallah, and every evening has its lot of film, concert or theater to offer. Cafés dot the city, ranging from traditional bustling places, filled with the smell of Arabic coffee and sheesha, to modern-style restaurants, welcoming a cosmopolitan crowd in lush outdoor gardens and beautifully designed settings. The city also remains awake late at night, thanks to its lively night life. Visitors are recommended to enjoy the charms and variety of these many places. Eateries and bars have mushroomed in the city and it is now believed that Ramallah and Al-Bireh have more than 120 coffee shops and some 300 restaurants.Ramallah is also home to a variety of bars where visitors drink and take part in the relaxed night life enjoyed by the locals. A number of local breweries and wineries keep the bars of Ramallah stocked with local flavor and visitors are encouraged to try the many unique varieties offered.

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