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To make local calls in Palestine, visitors can use their international text/calling but this may be expensive. Instead, you may get a local SIM card from either theJawwal or Wattaniya phone companies. To do you this, you simply bring your passport or ID to any provider, pay for the amount of credit you expect to use, and they will install the SIM card for you. When your credit starts to run out simply reload your account which can be done at almost every store in town. It is also possible to get a local phone with a local SIM card which can be as cheap as 100 NIS plus credit.

The international calling code for Palestine is +970 or 0970. Jawwal phone numbers are 059-XXX-XXXX and Wattaniya is 056-XXX-XXXX.If someone is calling you from abroad, they will need to drop the first zero (e.g., +970-59-XXX-XXXX).

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