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Ramallah TIC

The tourist center, located in the old city across from the Ramallah Municipality building, is the first of its kind. The Tourist Information Center has become an essential tool for the city as it helps guide tourists to many different sites around the area and offers insightful information about the city, local events, and the culture.

The Center provides the following information and services:

Brochures containing general and diverse information about Palestinian cities and in depth information about the city of Ramallah
Programs for various activities (cultural, social, recreational) in the city of Ramallah
Instructions on the use of local transportation and information on city roads and streets
Printed programs of tourist activities and organized tours
Books and publications about the geography, history, heritage, culture, politics and society of the city of Ramallah and Palestine
A gift shop replete with Palestinian traditional handicrafts, souvenirs, and postcards




Contact Us

Ramallah Municipality

Tel: 00970 2 294 5555 ex.123

Email: tic@ramallah.ps


Free Number: 1800 10 11 01

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