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Shared Taxis – Serveeses

The service taxis (pronounced “servees”) have a black rectangle on their front doors; they are shared and run fixed routes. Their stations are located in different parking lots around the city. From there, the taxies are divided into sections according to their destinations. Once you are in a servees station you may ask for a ride to your destination and you will be escorted to the specific section.

These taxis are cheaper since you are only paying for your own seat, and therefore the servees will usually wait to fill up with passengers before they leave.You can get on and off anywhere along their route, and if the servees is empty, you can sometimes ask to convert it to a private taxi. The cost of servees is usually between 2 and 5 Shekels depending on your destination. However, please note that these taxies have certain work hours and are not available 24/7.

There are also servees taxis that run to nearby villages and other cities which are the larger taxi vans. While there are many stations around Ramallah, the station near Manarah is the primary station that can take you to main cities in Palestine (but not Jericho).

Note that most of these stations stop running around 8-9 p.m. (depending upon the day and route), so make sure you leave early enough so you can get home. Otherwise, you will have to pay a much higher fee for a private taxi to take you the whole way. If you are somehow able to get a serves late at night, you may have to pay a higher rate. Additionally, if the servees is partially full, and it seems like it won't fill up anytime soon, you and the other passengers can decide to cover the cost of the extra seat(s), and the driver will then be happy to depart immediately.

The following chart demonstrates the prices to the various cities from Ramallah:








Price in NIS







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