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Al-Lud Airport

If coming directly from Tel-Aviv to Ramallah, you can arrange a private taxi. If you would prefer to take public transportation, note that buses run at certain hours and may be inaccessible during Shabbat (Sabbath), so check the time and day your flight arrives before you decide how to reach Ramallah. First, you will need to take the Sheirut taxi to Jerusalem and ask to get off as close as possible to Damascus Gate. From Damascus Gate (Bab el Aamoud in Arabic) you will need to walk up the road, away from the old city, and take the first right which brings you to the Arab Bus station. At the station, you can ask for the bus to Ramallah which should be bus number 218 and should cost 7 ½ NIS. The bus will drop you off in Ramallah city center.

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