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Carmel Hotel

Carmel Hotel rises at 950 meters above sea level, considerably the highest building in Ramallah. The hotel has a breath-taking view of the cities of Ramallah and Jerusalem, the Mediterranean coast on one side and the Jordanian mountains on the other. Carmel Hotel is located in Al-Masyoun neighborhood, a 6-minute walk to downtown.

Carmel Hotel is the first in Palestine to feature both rooms and hotel apartments; it is equipped with international standard, state-of-the-art facilities designed for your comfort. The hotel is managed and staffed by professionals who provide the highest quality services inspired by the Palestinian reputable hospitality and rich culture. Al-Caramel Private Limited Company, which opened the Carmel Hotel around mid-2017, aspires to become the leading developer of the hospitality and tourism sector in Palestine.

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Ramallah Municipality

Tel: 00970 2 294 5555 ex.123

Email: tic@ramallah.ps


Free Number: 1800 10 11 01

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