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Palestinians are very hospitable, so don’t be surprised if at some point you are invited to eat at somebody’s home. A traditional meal will typically include a generous amount of food, almost always including meat. If you are a vegetarian, you will want to tell them ahead of time, and specify that you also don’t eat chicken or fish since only count red meats like beef or lambare typically considered “meat”. Also, don’t expect it to be a quick visit; it is typical for a visit to last several hours. Some meals are traditionally eaten with hands or with bread as the utensil. Likewise, most large meals eaten with a family are shared from one or two large plates, but some families may give foreign guests their own plate.

At sit-down restaurants, it is not usual for waiters to bring the check as soon as you’re finished eating. People will often stay awhile after they finish eating, so thewaiters avoid rushing customers. When you want to leave, just ask for the check. If a restaurant charges service then it is included in the bill.

Ramallah features a unique and enjoyable drinking culture and visitors are encouraged to experience the vibrant nightlife in Ramallah. However, having open containers in public outside of a bar or restaurant is not allowed.

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