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Sindyan Restaurant & Cafe

Sindyan Restaurant and Cafe was launched in 2015 with a combine of local and American expertise as a first magnificent restaurant in the city center of Ramallah. The restaurant has a breathtaking view of Yasser Arafat Square, where you can enjoy a panoramic view of the city of Ramallah. The restaurant blends among the finest Arab and Middle Eastern gastronomy and creativity in Western cuisine, carefully prepared by the best chefs with fresh ingredients and natural herbs. The restaurant also offers wide choices of cocktails, fresh juices, ice cream and amazing hookahs.

The name of the restaurant is inspired by the elevated ancient Palestinian oak tree, reflecting the authenticity and longstanding Palestinian hospitality and service we offer to our visitors; it symbolizes the height of the oak in the sky of our beautiful city of Ramallah. The interior design of the restaurant was also executed with a stunning oak wood.

 Sindyan Restaurant & Café – Ramallah, Clock Square/ Burj Elsa'a Bldg, 8th Floor. Tel: 022989575

Contact Us

Ramallah Municipality

Tel: 00970 2 294 5555 ex.123

Email: tic@ramallah.ps


Free Number: 1800 10 11 01

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