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Birzeit University Museum

Birzeit University Museum is an innovative art space at the heart of the university campus, seeking to produce contemporary arts and promote its practice amongst the university community and across the Palestinian society at large, through a multidisciplinary experimental approach. The Museum works organically through its surrounding environment, proposing a unique learning model for an art museum within the Palestinian cultural experience.

Birzeit University Museum collections own over 2100 pieces today, including the Traditional Palestinian Costumes Collection, Tawfiq Canaan Talismans and Amulets Collection and Art Works Collection. Through this program, the expanding artistic and ethnographic collections are studied, displayed, documented and conserved. The collections are also used as a material and visual source of knowledge that look into the notions of history, identity, heritage and many more. The Birzeit University collections have been the corner stone of the Museum for more than 20 years.

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Ramallah Municipality

Tel: 00970 2 294 5555 ex.123

Email: tic@ramallah.ps


Free Number: 1800 10 11 01

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