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Wein a Ramallah Festival

Wein a Ramallah is more than an annual celebrative ritual of the city and deeper than a summer tradition.Wein a Ramallah is an occasion to engage in discourse about Ramallah through workshops and seminars, and through the artists’ dialogue about our city and its future. Wein a Ramallah is an occasion to meet outside traditional venues, in the city’s open horizons and spaces. Wein a Ramallah is the suggestion we propose to visit wider audiences and provoke deeper interests.

Wein a Ramallah is a new and comprehensive model of partnership between the city’s organizations and people.“Wein a’ Ramallah ” and its activities fall in four main categories: In the Courtyard, Ramallah’s Skylights, Ramallah and Cultural Development, and visual art exhibitions in public Spaces.

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