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Palestine International Festival for Dance and Music

Palestine International Festival for Music and Dance (PIF) is a creative cultural and arts project which communicates with the outside world and contributes towards breaking the cultural siege which has been imposed on Palestine and Palestinian people for decades. The Festival at its core has a cultural and artistic quality and provides the Palestinian public with entertainment they crave for. The PIF was founded in 1993 to organize the first international festival and the largest annual arts and culture events in Palestine, contributing to the revival and restructuring of the artistic and cultural scene in Palestine.The festival proved to be a huge success and became an annual national event attracting more than 15,000 audiences annually. 

The festival has hosted international music and dance groups from countries, such as Spain, Italy, Greece, Chile, Egypt, France, Morocco, Tunisia, Algiria, Iraq, the UK and Turkey. The Festival has been traditionally inviting troupes and individuals known for their acclaimed distinguished artistic achievement. The participation of groups such as, STOMP from the UK , Gypsy Kings, Fire of Anatolia from Turkey , the Irish dance group Rhythm of the Dance, the Chilean groups Bafochi and Intillimani, My Dream (one Hundred Hands) from China, the Algerian Rai singers ChebFaudel, Rashid Taha , and other famous Arab vocalists, as Saber Ruba’i, Ahlam, Ali Adel Sattar, ImanElBaharDarwish and Mohammad Fouad clearly illustrated the Festival’s genuine interest in presenting the Palestinian community with high standards of art.  Hundreds of volunteers participated in the annual festival, while numerous local businesses, foreign embassies, consulates and international organisations, provided material and financial support, which greatly contributed to its success.

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