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Jifna is a small town located roughly 8 kilometers on the outskirts of Ramallah, with an area of 6 Km2 and approximately 3200 persons.

The remnants of the early Roman Byzantine period can still be found in this town. Nowadays, the town is the go-to place during the summertime and it has several restaurants and swimming pools. Two churches are found in Jifna: The Roman Catholic Church(which was built in 1859) and the old Byzantine church (called “St George Church”) which is found opposite the Roman Catholic Church.

One can truly enjoy the legends that the people of this town talk about along with the remnants of the majestic Byzantine Basilica in the Old City. A wine press is found in this town and is considered one of the oldest wine presses in the country. There are also castles in the Old City, and they date back to the Ottoman and Crusader periods.

Visitors of the town can take walks in the apricot and almond fields (which are agricultural products that Jifna is known for) and look at the mesmerizing agricultural views that surround the town.

It is believed that the Holy Family rested in Jifna by the Oak tree on their way from Jerusalem. Therefore, many traditions and stories in Jifna are connected to the Holy Family.

There is a legend in Jifna that revolves around its water spring. The legend says that in the beginning of every spring season, the flow of water lessens because of a fairy, and therefore a priest must pray faithfully in order to strengthen the water flow of that spring.

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