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Aboud is a village located 17 kilometers North West of Ramallah. It contains a large number of antiquities that date back to different periods from the Iron Age to the Mamluk period.

There are several sites that are recommended for visitors, such as an ancient monastery located on a hill west of the village called the Monastery of St. Barbara. This monastery dates back to the Byzantine period and several catacombs were uncovered under the church. A cave was also found there, and experts say that it was a mausoleum or shrine before the church was built, where many inscriptions and carvings can be seen there. Every year on the 17th of December, religious celebrations take place in Aboud remembering St. Barbara’s death; the celebrations has become a beautiful spectacle to witness where many traditional acts take place.

One can also find several ancient sites to visit specially the Orthodox Church (The Dormition Church) which was built by Saint Helene during the 4th century and is considered to be the third byzantinian church built in Palestine after the Holy Sepulcher and the Nativity Church

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