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Dura Al-Qari’

Dura Al-Qari’ is a village located 6 kilometers from the city of Ramallah. It is well-known for its good agriculture and abundance of water springs. Despite the Occupation’s confiscation of vast lands belonging to this village, Dura Al-Qari’ still relies on its agricultural production.

Visitors can roam around the captivating foothills where they can find many olive trees and different types of fruit trees such as fig and grape trees. The residents of this village originate from Amro family which is from Dura of Hebron. The village was named “Dura Al-Qari’” in order to differentiate it from Dura of Hebron (Dura Al-Khalil).

In addition to the peaks which are covered with trees and rocky heights, the village also contains several Roman ruins.

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